Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, & Health Care Services


  • Around Two Billion Dollars of the untapped Healthcare, the market is now in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh spends around 2.04 billion US dollars abroad for medical treatment in a year. This amount is 1.94 percent of total GDP of Bangladesh.
  • The demand of Health Care growing 21% annually.
  • The demand for health care services is accelerating because of increasing purchasing power of the growing middle and upper middle classes.

Medical Equipment Sector:

  • The medical device market is projected to USD 243.6 million in 2018
  • Hospitals in Bangladesh experienced up to 22.5% growth in patients in 2011
  • The large medical equipment market of Bangladesh is almost import dependent
  • Medical equipment manufacturing is a potential sector to invest and set up plants in Bangladesh
  • Huge private hospitals in recent years represent the best opportunity for selling expensive high-end equipment and medical devices.
  • Government builds hundreds of new healthcare facilities and upgrades existing facilities and equipment.