Solar Power, Green Technology, Energy, LPG, LNG Terminals

  • Economic growth of 7% calls for the scalability of its power infrastructure to keep up with the demands of industry and increased urbanization.
  • Currently, renewable energy makes up 2.5% of the total electricity generation
  • The importance of an alternative source of energy in Bangladesh.
  • Solar energy is the most prominent source of renewable energy
  • Successfully implemented one of the biggest Solar Home System (SHS) projects
  • Around 3 million SHSs have been successfully installed
  • Bangladesh had an installed electrical capacity of 10,289 MW in January 2014. About 56 percent of the country's commercial energy is generated by natural gas, followed by oil, hydropower and coal. Bangladesh has planned to import hydropower from Bhutan and Nepal. Nuclear energy is being developed with Russian support in the Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant project. The country ranks fifth worldwide in the number of renewable energy green jobs, and solar panels are increasingly used to power urban and off-grid rural areas.
  • Hydro power, Micro, mini and pico hydro power plants can also be used